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Behavior design workshop


Work your way through  our recent on-site multimedia workshop session on Behavioral App Design Basics. Remember to access the Speaker Notes from the options cog on the player.

Giving millennials hope

MOTZA crowd-savings app

MOTZA intends to provide a space for millennial aged consumers to connect with their extended family and independent financial advisers as a means to direct and support their savings efforts.

MOTZA intends to provide a space that enables and encourages extended family to support and reward the savings behavior of millennials.

MOTZA intends to provide a space that delivers nanobytes of useful, targeted financial literacy content designed to improve the knowledge and financial autonomy of millennials.

MOTZA intends to provide machine-learning based means of social proof, affective state tracking and goal realisation prediction for the professional adviser and extended family supporting the millennial saver. This will provide an augmented view of the saver’s proclivity for saving in the face of changed circumstance.


Design concepts for clients


Connecting fitbit with exercise clinicians

This app was designed using Athrú our behavioural systems design methodology. It was a private-equity backed collaboration intending to deliver full telehealth services by exercise physiologists to users of fitbit. ZING was a cross-platform app ( javascript-mongoDB- RESTful APIs to CHAT and wearable platforms) that enabled the exercise clinician to tailor 1:1 prescriptive exercise plans, make use of enhanced analysis and machine-learning based predictive and comparative features. It also generated clinical reports for the primary health network in Australia.

Extensive use was made of the SEPIA persuasive systems method in designing and implementing ZING. For design notes

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